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Brad Honeycutt Brad Honeycutt is a web developer, author, and optical illusion enthusiast. His love for visual trickery began in elementary school where he designed an optical illusion display presentation for a science fair project. He saw his first 3D stereogram at a kiosk in a local mall in the early 90s and has been hooked on the artform every since. For over a decade, he has operated many popular optical illusion websites, including www.anopticalillusion.com, a blog he updates weekly with new optical illusions and other deceptive imagery. Honeycutt is the author of The Art of Deception: Illusions to Challenge the Eye and Mind (Imagine Publishing, October 2014) and Exceptional Eye Tricks (Imagine Publishing, February 2013) as well as the co-author of The Art of the Illusion: Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind (Imagine Publishing, July 2012). He has worked alongside Levine and Priester for many years as creative advisor on many of their stereogram books and custom design projects. Honeycutt holds a BA degree from Michigan State University, where he graduated with high honors. For more information, feel free to visit his personal website at www.bradhoneycutt.com. Gene Levine Gene Levine was raised in a family of artists. His father crafted fine silver and gold jewelry. His mother taught enameling on copper, fusing molten glass to metal. Levine majored in Fine Arts. but like so many other struggling artists, he necessarily supported himself by other means. In 1980, the primitive graphics of the nascent personal computer industry attracted Levine's curiosity. Despite an early start with the new medium it was still many years before technological advances permitted artists freedom to do do as they pleased. Always a fan of Op Art, Levine saw his first stereogram in 1997 and was smitten with both the effect and potential as an art form. It wasn't long before he taught himself the basics of producing stereogram images with his computer graphic skills. He began colorstereo.com as an online stereogram gallery and was soon thereafter requested to supply most of the stereogram art for what was to become the TJ Mook stereogram series of publications in Japan. This very successful series is now up to thirty stereogram related publications. Outside Japan he has been published in books and magazines all over the world, and been in demand for producing commercial applications using stereograms. No one has done more to elevate the stereogram as an art form. Gary W. Priester Gary W. Priester graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and spent 15 years working as a TV and print advertising art director in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Along with his wife, Mary Carter, Priester had a successful graphic design firm for 12 years in San Francisco creating work for an impressive lineup of Fortune 100 companies. During the mid 90s, Priester discovered stereograms and learned how to make them. This hobby quickly became an obsession. Priester created a website of his early images and came to the attention of Gene Levine who recommended Priester to supply images to Takarajimasha, a Tokyo based publisher of highly popular 3D stereogram magazines. Today Priester and Levine have been the sole contributors for over 30 issues. Priester is as obsessed with stereograms today as he was in the mid- 90s. Perhaps even more so. Priester and Levine continue to push the envelope on the art of 3D stereograms. Priester and Levine are the authors of five books of stereograms. Visit www.gwpriester.com and www.ColorStereo.com
Gene Levine
Gary W. Priester
We are in the business of helping people see life from a different perspective. The stereo- gram is a powerful example that we use with our clients to help them understand the shift in paradigm. Thanks so much for helping to create such a beautiful stereogram portrayal of the transformation journey. —Chris Powell Celebrity TV Transformation Specialist and Host of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss
eyeTricks quick response and production time met our budget as well as our deadline with time to spare. On top of it all, to have viewers not only notice but stare at advertising is quite an accomplishment! Pat Floyd Senior Art Director ChappellRoberts